Thoughts on Convergence Culture

Throughout our course of study, we have happened across a phenomena labelled “Convergence Culture”.

This term refers to how many different forms of media can collaborate to form a culture around a person, event or movement.This can be characterized mainly by the rise of digital media but also utilizes older forms of media such as television, radio and newspapers (this is a term called Transmedia ) to engineer a culture. For me, this is fascinating, not only because of how Convergence Culture just appeared all of a sudden in the mid-2000’s with the rise of better internet speeds,wifi and the smartphone, but how effective it has become to promote and market pretty much anything.

The description of Convergence Culture is vague by most standards, but I believe this to be intentional as Convergence Culture seems to be amorphous, something without form but has defined characteristics. There seems to be no defined “end point” with Convergence Culture but it is used to create awareness of say a new film, by saturating consumers with information, using digital media to expand awareness, and creating immersive experiences for the “fans” of the particular subject to grasp and manipulate.

So far, most Convergence Culture and Transmedia events have thus far been for movies or other pop culture events, We have truly yet to see this form of social engineering to promote more evocative cultural/social events which is quite a shame really. I feel this could be used for far greater things but it really is the early days of the digital revolution yet.




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