Critical Response to the Evolution of Storytelling

“Storytelling is evolving as fast as technology is, from papyrus, to books, blogs and twessays. What does the future hold?

For this critical response, I will be looking at how our class has observed how storytelling has evolved and what the future holds.

To start, Jadwiga raised a very relevant and interesting point in regards to storytelling, that the method may change however the actual art of storytelling will never change. 

Storytelling has been around as long as humans have, some may argue longer because we are always finding out more about our past, and the past of our planet tells it’s own story. with the advent of digital media, the biggest advantage we have nowadays is that we have greater access and know how to create and tell stories. The methods which we use today will define how we tell our stories in the future just like how the art of storytelling took a huge leap forward when gutenberg invented his printing press in the 1400’s.

Arlene showed us another facet of storytelling, how we have adapted stories to different languages and mediums. she used several different languages to say the same thing. One important part the she picked up on was the use of an animated gif to show us a part of a scene from William Shakespeare’s’ “Romeo & Juliet”.

This shows us that stories don’t have to be read, but can be seen or heard, engaging our senses to give us a better understanding and grasp of a story. Another point this tweet raises for me is the ability for music to tell stories, most popular music wouldn’t be a great example of how to convey a story, but if you look at the works of Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Simon & Garfunkel to name a few, especially Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”

I used Mumford & Sons cover of the song because I admired how they used their particular style to present an air of sorrow over the lyrics to greater enhance how harsh the story is and you can really get the sense that the young man in the story is really struggling through the cold New York winter (Having lived two winters in Canada, I can completely identify with that).

you get a real sense of the story behind the song, you can even see the lyrics translated into vivid images and scenes in your mind which is something very special and not very easy to achieve.
Liam’s tweet about how gaming is becoming a more engaging medium for storytelling was very relevant to my own stance about how gaming should be viewed. I play games for the story and I will only purchase a game for the story behind it, likewise, I will only watch a movie specifically for the story. Movies and games that have no substance are a missed opportunity in my eyes. 


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